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Web Development

Here are some of my class projects I have completed!


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript/Vue
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap framework

“hannahsonic”- Album Review WordPress site

Our task was to expand on our introductory practice with WordPress. Much of my focus went to adding extensive CSS in the Customization option, to do things like adjusting Spotify iframes to match the height of artist pictures and adding animations.

Screenshot of the home page of my album review site, featuring the covers of Beyonce's "Renaissance", Usher's "Raymond vs Raymond Deluxe Edition", and Usher's "My Way".

A screenshot of my webpage. A drawing with a purple translucent hue is the background image. It has a Black girl with glasses and brown curly hair sitting on a train, listening to music with silver headphones. Other passengers on the train include a brown woman with short brown hair looking out the window, and a Black girl with an orange sweater and white shirt talking on the phone. On top of the drawing, there are three playlist options, each with a dropdown menu of songs to choose from.

“Jamboree Jukebox”- Music Player Webpage

We were given a short starter code of a music player button and asked to build a functional streaming page, with songs sourced from an API.



  • SwiftUI


want to work with me?

i’m open to anything digital/graphic design! video editing, editorials, whatever you think may suit me!